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Children in Emergencies

Change the lives of children caught up in emergencies.

Our goals are to protect children, save lives, reduce suffering and ensure a better future for children in emergency situations.

Across the globe half a billion children are living in emergency situations. These children are battling war, hunger, child labour, trafficking and deadly epidemics. We need to help these children.

The Facts

More than 43 million people worldwide are now forcibly displaced as a result of conflict and persecution and more than 41% of them are children. Many of whom are alone and vulnerable.

100 million children and young people are affected by natural disasters every year. Most of them face disruption to their schooling.

Of the 121 million children out of school globally, approximately 50 per cent live in areas of conflict.

In the world’s conflict-affected settings, 28.5 million primary school-age children are out of school. Of this figure, 2.8 million children are Syrian.

With your help we are able to be there for these children with the life saving tools they need.

In 2015 alone this is some of what we accomplished together :

With the help of our donors we helped over 12 million disaster survivors and refugees.

With over 3 million child sponsors we have transformed the lives of 4.1 million children.

With your help we gave over 2 million people access to clean water.


The Syrian Refugee crisis is now well into its sixth year. Approximately 11 million people have been forced from their homes.

Millions of refugee children are facing challenges children should not have to face - missing out on school, working as child labourers and girls who are vulnerable to early marriage. A generation of children is at risk of being lost to the impact of the conflict in Syria.

With your help last year 1.1 million people - among them 630,000 children – were supported.  Food assistance, emergency supplies, water and sanitation, health, education and child protection interventions reached children and families in need.

South Sudan

South Sudan:

Since conflict broke out in December 2013, 1.66 million people have fled their homes because of fighting. Many set up camp under the U.N.’s protection, dependent on aid from relief agencies. Their lives and prospects are limited. Another 640,000 South Sudanese are refugees in neighbouring countries. In 2016 South Sudan's situation continued to deteriorate, following the violence that rocked the nation’s capital, Juba, in mid-July, more than 100,000 refugees fled into Uganda.

World Vision have set up Child Friendly spaces in these camps to help children cope with the trauma they have suffered. The refugees from South Sudan are from many different people who’ve all had different experiences of the violence at home. One key part of healing for the children - and for their futures - is peace building. We are running sessions in the CFS where children can learn how to solve conflicts and to understand and respect each others' differences.


In 2016 the effect of one of the strongest El Nino weather phenomenon on record left hundreds of thousands of people at risk of hunger and malnutrition.  Children are always the most vulnerable during crisis and emergency situations and this is no different. Malnutrition in children can have permanent effects on a child’s physical and intellectual development. With your support we were able to help 60,000 drought-affected men, women and children in Swaziland.

We’re there working building new wells, constructing pipelines and training village leaders on how to manage their water systems to ensure every person has water security for the long term.