How Gifts Work

Giving a gift

We all know how important a gift is. We give a gift as a way of showing a friend or family member just how much we care about them. 

Isn’t there a certain magic in opening a gift? The excitement of opening the wrapping and the idea that someone loves and cares about us brings a joy to our lives like nothing else. The same thing happens when we give a gift, watching a little ones eyes open wide as they open the wrapping.

Our gift catalogue is a simple way for you to give a thoughtful, life-changing gift to those in the world who truly need and appreciate it. What can be better than giving someone the gift of 3 little piglets to help them generate income to feed their family, or school supplies to help children to learn and have the best possible chance in life? 

You can buy a gift directly or you can buy a gift on behalf of a love one: one thing’s for sure, it is a great gesture from you. If you have a teacher, what better way to show your appreciation than buying a fruit tree for a school on their behalf? Or show your love for your mum by buying a mother and baby pack, showing that you remember all she’s done for you. That is the true joy of giving gifts. 

Get that lovely warm feeling by choosing from our great selection of life-changing gifts and make a real difference to those who need it most.

Some gifts don't just sit on shelves; they save lives

This gift range is full of inspiring ideas. There’s something for everyone and every occasion. These gifts are always wanted; they never end up in the back of a drawer.