How Child Sponsorship Works

How Child Sponsorship Works

How Sponsorship Works

Being a Chidl Sponsor is one of the best ways to help give a child a bright and happy future. Your sponsorship will fund all kinds of projects, like water wells, classrooms, farming skills and healthcare so that your Sponsored Child and their whole village can have a better chance in life. 

The aim of World Vision’s work is to help to make sure that all children:

•   Are healthy

•   Educated

•   Cared for

•   Protected

•   Included in decisions that decide their future




Every community that World Vision partners with have their own unique challenges. By working with local families, community groups and governments, World Vision builds trusting friendships to challenge the main causes of poverty and vulnerability.


Project activities focus on empowering communities to break the cycle of poverty and typically include:


•   Advocacy – supporting local communities to secure their rights to essential services

•   Education – opportunities for children and adults to go to school or participate in non-formal or vocational education

•   Healthcare – improving health facilities and access to things like immunisation and antenatal care

•   Water & sanitation – working with local partners to drill boreholes, build wells and basic sanitation and provide hygiene education

•   Food & agriculture – access to seeds, tools and agricultural training and activities to improve child nutrition

•   Economic development – skills and vocational training to improve incomes and support for small and medium-sized business activity


Other activities may focus on disaster preparedness, housing, peace building or capacity building for community workers and volunteers.


To achieve the best outcomes, child sponsorship contributions are combined and sometimes supplemented with funds from other sources, such as government grants. These funds are then used to implement development projects that benefit not only the sponsored child and his or her community, but children in other sponsorship communities as well.