Writing to Your Sponsored Child

We often have sponsors say to us, "I'd love to write to my sponsored child but I don't know what to write about!". Many people find it difficult as the lives of children in our ADPs in Africa are so different to our own. But it's worth remembering how special receiving a postcard or letter from you will be to your sponsored child, and not just to them, but to their entire family. That's why we've put together these simple Dos and Don'ts to help you to write to your sponsored child. We hope it helps!

By all means...

• Introduce your family

• Tell your sponsored child about your day to day life, activities you do with friends and family, your family pets etc. Children also love to hear about family events and special occasions, and you can ask them about school and their family too.

• Keep your letters short and simple, as all messages have to be translated by our local staff

• Include photos, postcards and pictures of Ireland, and even drawings from your own children with their letters.

• Do be sensitive to cultural, religious and political differences when sending both messages and photographs.

• Do be careful when mentioning money or personal possessions

But remember...

• Please don't include your postal address or telephone number as within poor communities, your address could become a source of unsolicited requests for money

• Please NEVER include money directly to the child you sponsor as there may be no shops nearby and they will be unable to exchange currency

And that's it. All that's left now is to start writing! 

We hope this will help you get started writing to your sponsored child! Delivery of your message and a reply may take a few months but do let us know if you haven't had a response in 3-4 months.

Don't forget you can also email your sponsored child now by composing your message (putting your child's reference number and name in the subject line) and sending to ireland@wveu.org. Don't forget to include your Child's Reference in the subject line.

The email arrives in our Dublin office where it is printed and sent by post to your sponsored child's ADP. You can still include up to 2 photographs (total not exceeding 2Mb) as an attachment!